Our site is http://www.Facebook.com/AVCProofreading.
Just wanted to send you a message to see if you are interested in taking over our AVC Proofreading page for a week, maybe not even a week, as we all know authors have busy, busy schedules. We have several openings coming up in September-December and we are wanting/needing to get those filled!! I understand that it’s very early in the year, but we are booked up until then.
Just for you to know a little bit of how we got the page started. We are a small business that my mother, Alicia Carmical, came up with. She has always loved reading, which gave her the idea to start proofing. Finding errors in books made her realize that there may be an opportunity to help authors with reviews while making a business adventure. We don’t ask for much from you, maybe promote the page on your author page, or even just come over and do some giveaways, if possible.
It has been a struggle with Facebook making it to where we have to pay for everybody to see posts, but we are trying our best.
With you taking over the page you have the chance to promote all of your books, our PA, Desiree Griggs, will pin at the top of the page a little about the author, the links to their Facebook page, author page, and Goodreads page. Links to books on Amazon will also be posted.
This is our way of helping promote authors. We even posted for a week about bullying and any of the other concerns the new Indie authors face on a daily basis.
We would be honored if you would give our page a like, and sign up for a week on our page as our Author of the Week.

Thank you for your time,

Also I wanted to mention, we will review a book of your choice. We will post the review to Amazon, Goodreads, and our blog. The email for books to be sent to is avcproofreading@gmail.com

our Facebook link is http://www.Facebook.com/AVCProofreading.
Our website is http://www.avcproofreading.webs.com


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