Ariana Browning

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The Awakened have existed since time began. Always there; never seen. Vampires with the ability to shapeshift into wolves, who retain many of the wolf abilities.

Kat is thrust into a world she never knew existed before. A world many humans are never privy to. Not only does she have to learn to accept the existence of these creatures, but she becomes entangled in a war that may have consequences for her that she never imagined possible.

The Prince has long wished for the humans to be unawares of their existence. He has maintained order–despite some clans trying to always defy him–for many centuries until this one woman enters the picture and turns the Awakened on their heads. Because of her, events are set in place that nobody could prepare for.

What if Kat was meant to come into this world for a reason? What if the Prince wasn’t fulfilling his destiny because he was held back? What will become of the Awakened when both the Prince and Kat learn the truth about themselves?



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