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  A refreshing new story line that I need more of!!!
By Megsandherbooks – December 20, 2014
Wow…I don’t even know where to begin. I REALLY enjoyed this book! Layla did a fantastic job of making you feel the angst that Kayla felt in so many situations. The helplessness, fear, and anger…I could not put it down! Kayla is a survivor…after being tragically and terribly sexually abused, ignored, and finally brushed off she has come through a success, even if she has a few issues because of it.

Be warned…this story is one of graphic sexual abuse and the mental repercussions of it. However, there is also love…a true and pure love and great friendships. Garrett and Wyatt are not only hot as hell but they are honorable and protective of those they care about…and Vi…OMG she is the ultimate girlfriend. Even after years apart, what matters most is who you love and who loves you back no matter your faults.

I got so immersed in this story that the end literally snuck up on me and slapped me in the face. Seriously, I yelled at my tablet…and then inwardly cursed Layla. I can’t wait to get my kindle fingers on the next one!!! The only downfall for me was that I wish there was more backstory to the characters…there was a little, but the possibilities are ENDLESS as to where it could go!!!

Anywhoo…go and give this baby a try if you aren’t squeamish and are looking for something a little different instead of the same old same old story. It was just the refreshing change I was looking for.


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