Loving Claire 

❤️•.¸✿¸.• ✨ITS LIVE✨ •.¸✿¸.•❤️
❤️•.¸✿¸.• ✨A New Release ❤️•.¸✿¸.• 
❤️•.¸✿¸.• ✨This is NOT a Standalone You MUST read Claiming Claire FIRST ❤️•.¸✿¸.• ✨
Loving Claire

By Layla Stevens & Rhonda Reuther 
#LovingClaire #HardChoices #99Cents #ForbiddenTrilogy 
To be loved is everything. To be claimed is more…
Claiming each other’s love has always been easy, simple, however, loving one another through the good times and bad is proving to be a little more difficult and somewhat painful 
Will Dana and Claire have their happily ever after or will they allow outside forces to rip them apart?


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