💋★*★¸`*•.¸☆NEW RELEASE☆¸.•*´¸★*★💋
Are you ready for some trans-action? 
This 12 BOOK Excite Spice Transgender Romance MEGA Bundle delivers all the gender bending romance fantasies you could possibly want straight to your e-reader. These transgender tales will transform everything you thought you knew about the possibilities of gender. 
A dozen of the genre’s hottest authors will arouse you with these sexy trans tales. Discover why change is good and metamorphosis is downright hot. 
Don’t miss your opportunity to grab this limited-time bundle, bursting at the seams with an awakening of possibilities. It’s time to discover the tantalizing pleasures that exist for the open-minded who know the evolution of gender is here and it’s hot! 

Selena Kitt ~ A Baumgartner Anniversary 

Avery Aster ~ XO, Blake 

Layla Stevens & Rhonda Reuther ~ Claiming Claire 

Donna Dong ~ Boinked by a Chick with a Dong 

Jackie McNab ~ Male Temp: Hotel Maid 

Quinn Corzett ~ The Femboy’s Guide to Winning the Womanless Pageant: A Crossvale High Femboy Story 

Sabrina Stelle ~ Mardi Gras Reunion 

Natalia Dire ~ Seeking the She-Wolf 

Alyssa Paige ~ Panty Raiding to Panty Wearing 

Sami Kinkey ~ Dude, Where’s My Junk? 

Bibliopolist ~ Examined by the Doctor 

Layla Stevens ~ Love Thyself


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