Forbidden Love Trilogy


¸.•´¸.•*´¨)✯ ¸.•*¨)

✮ (¸.•´✶ (Forbidden Love Trilogy By Layla Stevens & Rhonda Reuther 
All 3 book in one place.  Grab your copy today for only 1.99
#ForbiddenLoveTrilogy #GrabYourKleenex #HardChoices  #FollowYourHeart
This is love you don’t read about in fairytales. Is there really a such thing as happily ever after? 
To be loved is everything. To be claimed is more…
Longing for companionship due to her loveless marriage, Claire aches for a revival of her dead sex life
Dana is not your average doctor. Yet lately, Dana has been bored– until one day, SHE walks into her office. 
Proving that the challenges in their lives are worth everything just to be claimed, owned by one another. 

Dana and Claire will forever and always belong to one another, even if their love was considered to be forbidden.


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